Advent remarks the beginning of a new year in the Christian liturgical calendar. During Advent, meaning ‘coming’ in Latin, Christian disciples prepare their hearts for the coming of Christ, and churches also light candles every week, reminding the meaning of Christ’s coming. Hope, Peace, Love, and Joy–this is what we celebrate from the heart as we welcome the Christmas and seasons of holiday.

And those words help us remember the year we just passed together. Wasn’t this an interesting year with lots of stories to tell? There were many challenges to families and our community, and yet, 2020 has brought us greater longing for the touch of Advent. 2020 was strange. But this Advent, those times become a powerful story of hope, peace, love, and joy. Come and join us. You’ll love you did.

November 29 – “Hope for the Broken”

COVID-19 has changed almost every fundamentals of our lives, and it happened all of a sudden. None of us had ever dare to imagine this kind of change in our world–not even this quick!

Jesus came in the same way. Suddenly. And today, we are waiting for him again.

December 6 – “Peace with Justice”

Voices crying out for justice filled the American streets. Hearts were saddened and troubled as we see the nationwide social unrest throughout the year 2020. Peace is what we are looking for. Peace with justice–this may be the greatest gift Jesus can bring to the world of today. 

December 13 – “Unity in Love”

In 2020, the United States also had an election that was probably the most divisive in a way the conversations happened, and for opinions over its outcome. We say Jesus came for the love’s sake. If that’s still what we are longing for in our preparation of his coming, doesn’t Christmas speak to our unity?

Can love be an answer to our questions? 

December 20 – “Joy to the World”

After all, Advent reminds us that no matter what the world looks like, it is the day that we come to celebrate. It’s a season for glad tidings. It’s a season for joy.

Join us in our Christmas celebration through online cantata and virtual pageant. Come as your joyful. You will find more to celebrate.

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