Ministry is a journey. It is our journey toward our personal holiness, to our mission to make our world a better place, and to serve our community and the people in it. Every journey has three important factors: a Destination–even when the traveler may be unaware–, and thus a Direction, and the Plans to make things move forward. And so does ours.

This fall, Wesley Church invites you to a time that we share our Vision, Mission, and Actions. We, as a faith community being on a journey, recalibrate our ways and directions. This new normal, which calls many of us for some changes. In order to continue to be a blessing in our community, we are responding to that call. We hope you may join us in this joyful and hopeful vision we begin to share!

September 20 – “Our Vision”

As Dr. Ronald Heifetz said, “Our goal is to making the gap closer between what the world should be and what the world actually looks.”

That’s why we are here as a church. With a clear vision for which we work and pray, our ministries lead us to a better world that we dream and pursue, where all God’s people experience love and respect. Come and join us to find out what we envision. You will love this picture of our future community.

September 27 – “Our Mission”

We recognize the power of ‘why.’ Moving toward the vision, it is our Mission that keeps fueling us and sets our directions to move forth. Why are we here in this community? How will we accomplish the why? You may want to discover our answers to those questions.

We call it our Mission. And we will make it come true by our Actions.


October 4 – “Our Plans”

Communion will be shared during the services

Ideas become powerful when they are turned into action. Our Vision and Mission will remain powerless words, unless we have a plan to make things happen. How are we going to achieve our purpose for the years to come?

We have Plans for it. Will you join us in this precious journey with us? 

Sketch of Wesley UMC

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