Sermon Series – “Courageous”

Our world often tells us that being courageous is about strength, bravery, and heroic acts. Wesley presents a series, inspired by the Greater Jew Jersey Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, inviting all to explore what courage looks like in the Book of Philippians and to expand our understanding of courage. Together, we will learn how courage can help us raise other people up, transform our communities, and face new and challenging situations. All those living in the world where courage is desperately needed, join us!

September 19 – “Courage to be Vulnerable”

Jesus shows us that there is courage in being vulnerable and calls us to follow his example.


September 26 – “Courage to be Gracious”

In hard situations, God’s grace can give us courage. As we allow God’s grace to shape us, we can become courageous enough to give others grace too.

October 3 – “Courage to be Last”

Holy Communion will be shared during the service

Sometimes, we are courageous for our own sake and to achieve our own comfort. But how can we be courageous for the sake of others and their wellbeing?

October 10 – “Courage to be First”

Bible Presentation Sunday for Children

It takes courage to take the first step forward to face evil, to dare to be extraordinary for God.

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