Sermon Series – “The Gospels According to THEM”

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a serious level of challenges to many areas of life. Families struggled. Industry and markets went down. We all saw that.

But not all. There are some brands that have come to stand out even more, and they are still achieving their mission fruitfully. What did they do well? Is there something we can learn from their about our faith and as a church? This August, Wesley invites you to this relevant conversation. Come and join us on Sundays. Let us learn and grow together!

August 8 – “Know Your Neighbors”

People love to go to Starbucks. And it’s not just about their coffee. There are a variety of other places with quality coffees and teas, but still, Starbucks is always crowded. One of many good reasons is this. When you’re in Starbucks, you feel as if you’re known there.

August 15 – “To Your Fulfillment”

When a company name becomes a verb, that means something. Young folks ask each other, “Do you netflix?” Perhaps not necessarily the greatest meaning word, but it’s a powerful phenomenon.

Well, the question is back to us. Disciples, are we discipling? Churches, are we church-ing?


August 22 – “Zoom In!”

Backpack Blessing Sunday

Zoom has become everyone’s workspace. Meetings, playdates, conferences, workshops–everything happens in this small universe. How did Zoom become the champion of the online conferencing? Its name itself tells us the answer.

On this Sunday, Wesley will also offer Backpack Blessing. Bring your backpack/laptop to our in-person service, so we can pray for your new season/school year. Or, you may stop by the Breezeway after the service, for a ‘drive-in’ blessing moment, too!

August 29 – “A Story of an Old Friend”

Yahoo once ruled the world. Everyone looked for news, connection, or items on their website. 2 decades later, hardly anyone uses it (or even remembers it). What did happen to your old friend? We ask this, because, sometimes, so is the story of the church.

September 5 – “Just Listen!”

Holy Communion will be shared during the service

I got a pair of Nike shoes. Who doesn’t? You may think the founder of Nike should be a business genius. Why not? Everyone loves Nike.

But the real story of Nike tells us something different. That swoosh mark? At first, they didn’t like it.

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