Sermon Series – “In God We Trust”

Every dollar in our pocket is printed with a simple slogan–​In God We Trust. Yet when we look around, our trust often seems placed in everything but God–wealth, possessions, health, and security! Too often, we live each day trusting only what we have, fearing what we need. But what if we shifted our trust from the almighty dollar to the God Almighty?

In this faith-building, life-changing stewardship series, come discover the peace, joy, and freedom, which God created us for. Let us talk–in God we trust.

November 7 – “God’s M&M’s”

All Saints’ Sunday | Holy Communion will be shared during the service

God has a bunch of M&M’s. We got some, too. We often forget where these M&M’s are from. These M&M’s can be a blessing. If we know we are to manage them well.

This Sunday is observed as All Saints’ Sunday. We will light candles in memory of those who joined the band of heavenly saints during this year, including all the victims of COVID pandemic. There will be also a celebration of Holy Communion. For online church, you may want to prepare a piece of bread and a cup of wine/grape juice.

November 14 – “Act Your Wages”

Do you have money? Or does money have you? Do we act our wage? Or does the wage define our act? We are to “manage” our possessions. And to do that, we need a plan.

November 21 – “Defying Gravity, Today”

Commitment Celebration Sunday

Financial life in today’s world comes with all kinds of temptation and even traps. Debts invite us. Consumerism draws us in. Action required to defy the gravity. And today is the day.

On this Sunday, we will celebrate the commitments we make toward next year’s mission and ministry. Should you want to use the Online Commitment Form, please use the link HERE. Wesley is grateful for your heart of commitment!

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