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If anyone is interested in obtaining a prayer quilt, please contact Sandra Bowles by e-mail to

Prayer is a powerful tool that God has provided for us. But can you touch a prayer? Can you pull it close and feel its warmth and comfort? How many times has someone said to you “I’ll keep you in my prayers” and you wonder if they did? Well, you can answer these questions with a definite “yes” if it is part of a Prayer Quilt!

So many times when we hear that someone is either ill or experiencing difficulties, we offer our prayers. The Prayer Quilt Ministry is a way to combine the gift of a quilt with the gift of prayer for someone in need. What better way to help someone in need than with the power of prayer. The purpose of the Prayer Quilt Ministry is not to make and distribute quilts, but to promote prayer through the use of quilts. The quilt is simply the prayer carrier. This is not just a gift of a quilt — it is a gift of love and prayer. It is a statement of faith in God and in His power to comfort, strengthen, and heal. As a special gift of love, the quilts can be made for anyone facing health related problems or a personal crisis. There are many circumstances when the gift of a Prayer Quilt is appropriate. Each quilt is done for someone in special need of prayer.

The Prayer Quilt Ministry is an interfaith global outreach ministry. This ministry is currently being offered in many different churches including Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, Christian, United Church of Christ, Presbyterian, Episcopal, and Catholic. Many Prayer Quilt Ministries are organized under the auspices of Prayers & Squares, a non-denominational organization which provides support, suggestions, and advice, as well as being a source of labels and other supplies. Prayers & Squares was founded in 1992 at Hope United Methodist Church in Rancho Bernardo, CA. In May 2008, Wesley United Methodist Church began a Prayer Quilt Ministry. It was initiated by Sunni Bond, who had experienced a similar program at St. Andrew by-the-Sea UMC, Hilton Head Island, SC. Wesley UMC is Chapter 787 of Prayers & Squares (

Wesley’s first prayer quilt was in the sanctuary for prayers and knots on July 7, 2008. As of October 2022, Wesley has distributed over 1,375 prayer quilts, a wonderful ministry that can mean so much to so many, not only the recipients of the prayer quilts, but also the members of the congregation who participate in the prayers and knots.

There are Three Commandments that must be adhered to in a Prayer Quilt Ministry that is part of Prayers & Squares:

  1. The Prayers & Squares motto is “It’s not about the quilt; it’s all about the prayers.” The goal is to encourage and involve as many people as possible to participate in the prayer effort, not merely to make and give away quilts.
  2. Before preparing a prayer quilt for an individual, permission must be received—either by that individual or a close family member of that person. We also would like to know how to best direct prayers for that person.
  3. No payment can ever be accepted for a prayer quilt. It cannot be sold; it is a gift. Neither the person who receives the quilt, nor the person who requests the quilt for another should be obligated to the Prayer Quilt Ministry in any way.

Adult and teen quilts are 45″ x 60″ while baby/children quilts are 45″ x 45″. These prayer quilts are perhaps more like prayer blankets because they are not actually quilted, but rather are held together by multiple strings which are attached to the quilt, leaving two long strands for the formation of a double knot as a prayer is said for the recipient.

Of utmost importance is the prayer support of the congregation. As stated previously, prayer quilts are given to those persons who have physical, emotional, or spiritual prayer needs. We do not make judgments concerning either the validity of a request or whether someone is “deserving.” God’s love and grace is available to all.

If you desire a prayer quilt for yourself, a family member, a friend, a neighbor, a work colleague, or anyone, (just be sure the recipient is a willing one), then contact Sandra Bowles by sending an e-mail to

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