Join Us for In-Person Service!

Wesley United Methodist Church offers in-person worship services as of Sunday, July 11, 2021 

Sunday Worship

A blended worship service (contemporary and traditional) begins on Sundays at 10:00 am. Please join us in the Sanctuary OR virtually via Wesley’s Facebook page or website. Once you subscribe to our email communication HERE, you will also be able to receive our weekly communications for the latest updates from Wesley.

Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of every month. Prepackaged elements are prepared in the Sanctuary. Online congregants are also invited to prepare a piece of bread and a cup of wine/grape juice to share for those Sundays.

COVID-19 Protocols

There are safety protocols in place. Wesley, as a church family, is committed to care for the weak, little, and most vulnerable among us and in our community. Please read the safety guidelines below or watch the video (created June 27, 2021), in order to comply with our service for one another.


Next Generation Ministry

Nursery is available for preschool children or younger during the service. Fully-vaccinated, profession staff will attend the room.

WINGS Children’s Zoom Call (3rd – 5th grade): Every second Sunday at 2:00 pm

Virtual Youth Group (6th – 12th grade): Every Sunday at 7:00 pm


Church Location

711 Spring Street, SE, in Vienna, VA


For More Information

contact the church office at 703-938-8700

email at

We hope to see you in person! 

Safety Guidelines

  1. Sanitization is required as enter or exit. 
  2. Seating: Social distance (3 ft.) between family units or individuals.
  3. Masks: Every worshiper will keep wearing masks indoors until vaccine becomes available to all ages. It is in our effort to care for the vulnerable among us, such as younger children that are under the age of vaccine eligibility (now 12+) and those in the higher risk group.
  4. Singing: There will be limited singing of a couple congregational hymns per service. Singing is allowed by those fully vaccinated while wearing face coverings. The words for the songs will appear on the screen.
  5. Hybrid Worship: The service will be livestreamed by tech volunteers, and the sermon will continue to be posted to the archive in a timely manner. Cameras will be placed in the sanctuary for this purpose.
  6. Children’s Church: Nursery will be available to the children in their preschool ages or under. Children’s Sunday School classes are not offered at this time.
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