Spring Worship Series – “Church Talk”

In Revelation 2-3, we read Jesus’ messages to seven churches. Every church had its own strength. But most of them also had their own unique weakness and growing edges. Can the stories of ancient churches be a guiding light to the churches in the 21st century? This spring, Wesley invites all to read Jesus’ letters to church. Let us talk about church–what it is, what that means.

Join us in our seven weeks of conversation! Looking forward to worshiping with you and to growing with you.

May 1 – “Ephesus: The Forgetful”

Holy Communion will be served during the service

How easy it is to forget what our first love was like! Our first impression, first heart, first decisions and dedications. Good news. It’s never too late to start it over again.

May 8 – “Smyrna: The Suffering”

Mother’s Day celebration

When we struggle, it is hard to say that our lives are blessed. Getting crushed or squeezed can make us feel we are poor and pitiful. It is, however, through the challenges that we are drawn closer to God. We too often forget that.

May 15 – “Pergamum: The Compromising”

One thing churches need to know is that compromise is not a unique problem of weakly grounded congregations. Even for a strongly determined church, compromised faith is a huge temptation.

May 22 – “Thyatira: The Misguided”

Leadership matters. They set the tone, and they cast the vision for the future. But leadership only matters when people choose to follow the leaders. Thyatira was one misguided church, as they determined to follow the wrong flags ahead of them.

May 29 – “Sardis: The Living Dead”

If anyone wonders what happens when growth stops in church, look at Sardis. Unfortunately, in many cases, we cannot deny that Sardis may be one of the closest pictures to the Christianity in America. Perhaps, it is time for us to wake up from a spiritual slumber.

June 5 – “Laodicea: The Lukewarm”

Pentecost Sunday 2022
Holy Communion will be served during the service

What’s wrong about being lukewarm as a church? Not knowing who we are and what we can be as a church can be catastrophic to the life of a church.

June 12 – “Philadelphia: The Faithful”

Confirmation Sunday 2022

Philadelphia is one of the only two churches that was not scolded at all. Their faithfulness and endurance only deserved comfort and encouragement. Their story sets a great role model for us as a church.

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