Winter Movie Nights

We have come a long way in 2020. And it seems like 2021 would not be radically different. Am I the only person who needs to say, “Give me a break!”?

Here it comes! Wesley’s January sermon series invites all to our movie dialogue. Families and disciples are invited to watch a movie during the week, and come to dive in our faithful conversations on God in films. As the cold winter weather lets families stay inside and the virus limits our spaces we hope that this may provide a great opportunity for devotion, inspiration, and conversation. There’s nothing for you to worry about. You may want to watch the movie before each Sunday if you will and can, or just come as you are relaxed. Find more details of our schedule below, and join us in our interesting and  still illuminating faith talk!

January 24 – “Onward: Checklist”

In this adventurous and hilarious Pixar animation, two elf brothers set out for a quest by which they expect to bring their father who deceased earlier back to life for one single day. Needless to say, they meet a number of challenges and difficulties on the way. The movie reminds of our life journey, and especially, our attitude toward the journey. What’s your greatest hope? And more importantly, how does that lead your life as we seek for the presence of our Father (and Mother) God in life?

January 31 – “Wonder Woman: Like A Girl”

Superman is great, but he’s not the only hero. He’s strong, but there’s more beyond his way of making through the fight. A story of an immortal princess of Amazon helps us remember that there are a lot more than we think.

February 7 – “Frozen 2: The Real Me”

Elsa’s previous journey to find herself by “Letting go” of her old self is now leading her to a deeper level of discovering the “Real Me.” And her sister who stood behind her. And the snowman next to her. And even those who cheer for their adventure–like us.

By the way, don’t you think Jesus might have felt the same way when he knew he was the son of God? 

February 14 – “Jumanji: A Jungle Survival Guide”

Life is like a game, sometimes, isn’t it? But more often the adventure of life gets intense, especially when we do not know how to win the game ‘together.’ This review version of the 1995 original film helps us to face that simple but easily forgotten truth of all time.

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