Fall Sermon Series: “Party with Jesus”

We find Jesus hosting parties, making appearances at parties, or telling stories about parties. This four-week series invites us to explore Jesus’ love for celebration and inclusivity. From turning water into wine to dining with tax collectors and sinners, Jesus exemplified the art of enjoying life and connecting with diverse individuals and the saints. These powerful stories will inspire us to embrace his spirit of party and love for all. Come and learn the same joy and love that Jesus brought to every gathering. Don’t miss this chance to “Party Like Jesus” with us in November!

November 5 – “Ultimate Party” (All Saints’ Sunday)

Scripture: Matthew 5:1-12

On All Saints’ Sunday, we celebrate the ultimate party. In Matthew 5, Jesus teaches the Beatitudes, revealing the true path to a blessed life. The ultimate party isn’t about earthly extravagance; it’s about qualities that lead to spiritual fullness. We invite you to join us in remembering and honoring the saints as we embrace the ultimate party of love, compassion, and blessings as Jesus’ followers.

November 12 – “Party Like Jesus ” (Charge Conference)

Scripture: John 2:1-10

Worship in the Fellowship Hall; virtual option on Zoom

Jesus loves a good party and knows how to throw the best one ever. In the passage, we witness Jesus turning water into wine, a symbol of his ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary – creating the best party! On this day, we invite you to the spirit of celebration. Our annual Charge Conference will be held during the 10 a.m. worship. The service will be casual-style gathering in the Fellowship Hall. Expect to enjoy coffee and light snacks, engage in meaningful discussions around the tables, and come together to celebrate the remarkable blessings that God has brought forth through the mission and ministries of Wesley UMC this year.

November 19 – “Party with Sinners”

Scripture: Luke 5:27-32

Jesus’ party embraces all, even the most marginalized, as demonstrated in Luke 5:27-32. In a society where tax collectors were considered the lowest of the low and the worst of the worst, we find Christ joyfully engaging with them. He exemplifies the open invitation to his divine gathering, emphasizing the significance of inclusivity and compassion. Just as Jesus transformed Levi’s life through his invitation, Jesus now calls us to his party, which transforms our relationships with him and the way we live our lives. Join us as we explore the profound message of acceptance and celebrate God’s boundless love, reminding us that Jesus’ party is open to all.

November 26 – “See You at the Party!”

Scripture: Matthew 26:31-46

Jesus teaches that our acts of kindness and compassion towards others determine our place in the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 25:31-46 emphasizes that our earthly deeds prepare us for God’s ultimate celebration, encouraging us to be messengers of love and compassion, ensuring we hear the words, “See you at the party!”

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