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Series - Dialogue on Holiness

Lent is season of holiness. As Christian disciples remember what God has done through the ministry of Jesus Christ, we observe the season with a little more intentionality for holiness.

On the other hand, we work alongside, go to school with, and live next door to people of other religions. Still, most of us understand little about each other. We are different, and yet there are lessons we can learn from each other once we intend to know what the faith of each other means. Especially for our holiness journey, there are more to acquire than to object. This Lent, join us in Wesley’s worship series on world religions.

Simatiga – April 3, 2022

In the ancient Asian world, Buddhism was the largest and most influential way of life. Its teaching is unique, especially compared to many other religious traditions in the Western culture. While we speak of the power of blessing, it speaks of the beauty of no possession.

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