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Jesus’ saying in Matthew 18:3, “Unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven (NRSV),” is often mentioned in the Children’s Ministry to encourage everyone to welcome little children. Through his life and ministry, Jesus taught and showed what it means to be like a child and what it looks like to be like a child. This sermon series is based on children’s storybooks loved in various periods at different places. Intertwining with a well-known biblical passage, each storybook teaches us our Christian values and helps us to be “like a child” regardless of our age. Let us remember that God calls us God’s children.

Like a Child: Little Red Riding Hood – September 4 , 2022

The young girl in Little Red Riding Hood shows her pure heart in believing in a wolf and risking herself and her grandmother. The story tells us what to believe and whom to believe as Jesus’ disciples. Disciples understand that the Son of Man came down and the reality of this warrants a new focus on life. Jesus called this being born again. Nicodemus struggled with this idea. We can be the same because we like that which we can control and fully understand. But being a disciple means trusting in this same Jesus and embracing a new level of spiritual living that he has come to bring to us.

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