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Wesley Day - September 11

Series - A Disciple's Path

This fall, our series will emphasize discipleship. The series will seek to deal with two issues. First, many of us in the church have not engaged in the process of discipleship. Most of us haven’t taken the time to taste the word and engage in the process. It is unfortunate because it was at the very heart and center of Jesus’ ministry. Discipleship does not simply happen to us as we wait for this life to come our way. It happens when we take intentional steps toward Jesus and follow him. Discipleship requires that we be deliberate in our walk with Christ.

A Disciple’s Path – Disciples Are Grounded in Scripture – October 16, 2022

Luke 4 marks the beginning of Jesus’ earthly ministry and highlights a feature of Jesus’ life. He was grounded in Scripture. He had an accurate working knowledge which he used to fight off temptation and define his ministry in the testing in the wilderness. So often, we assume that we understand the Bible but haven’t really given ourselves to it. Disciples simply cannot function with all our cylinders when we don’t have an active and working knowledge of the text. Not only that, disciples, like Jesus, submit themselves to the Scriptures and recognize the inherent power of the words and the importance of giving our lives to the same words that Jesus thought worthy of giving his life.

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