Vacations are cancelled. Parties are postponed. It is one of the most frustrating ways to welcome a summer, but on the other hand, this summer is a great opportunity for us to feel the ‘raw’ taste of the season’s beauty. Wesley invites all to our summer series, Staycation. We will visit some local attractions, and discover a simple but often-forgotten truth that God’s grace is found everywhere. Beginning July 12, join us in this summer devotion!

July 12 – “Know Thine Story”

Historic Church Street is a landmark where many local boutique stories are located. Not only that, it shows the history of our community. Spoiler alert: You can also find the old building of Wesley Church on this street, which is now blessing the community through a different type of business.

July 19 – “One Step Away”

Just behind Tysons Corner, there is Scott Run Park. This beautiful nature preserve provides a place for rest and excitement, with a trail for family hiking and the fragrance of God’s creation.

July 26 – “Made to Create”

Vienna Arts Society is a place where art lovers can find inspiring rejuvenation. Find out how creativity can bring a sense of refreshment to a human soul!

 August 2 – “Discovery”

Roer’s Zoofari is where families can find an exciting experience while they stay in the car and make self-drive safari tour. Meeting the lives throughout the car window is a fresh expression of a staycation.

August 9 – “One in Many, Many in One”

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens are many people’s favorite. In this quiet, meditative space, you can find peace and rest. Also, there is a garden that shows the beauty of diversity in our community.

August – 16 – “A Road Trip”

A road trip does not always happen on wheels. In whatever ways we hit the road, where our steps reach, there is a new discovery. Finding God in town is, therefore, not a task that requires a special skill. With a means to move and a heart to pray, there a road trip begins.

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