Sermon Series – “Wonder: Do We Believe?”

Christmas is a season that is full of wondrous things. Family, gifts, friendship, love, sharing, hope, wishes… Once we believe in Christmas, the world becomes where God indwells—a place of wonder. A place where God is waiting to show us something incredible.

This Advent, let us talk about the wonders of Christmas. Join us in our wonder-full conversations at Wesley!

November 28 – “Wonder of a Star”

It all started with a star. The star guided the way of God’s people to Jesus. It shone bright in the sky. Nevertheless, not everyone was able to find it.

December 5 – “Wonder of a Name”

Holy Communion will be shared during the service

Christmas comes with different kinds of names that are given to Jesus. Each name contains different meanings, but they equally mean who Jesus was to each of them. What does the name Jesus mean to us?

December 12 – “Wonder of a Manger”

A Haitian missionary shares mission experience and ideas

The creator of the entire universe comes in a filthy place. The manger is more than just a place. It was a place of God’s intended action. Silently but certainly, Christmas is near. Is our manger ready?

December 19 – “Wonder of a Promise”

Service with Christmas Cantata & Children’s Pageant

Christmas is not an annual event. It’s not just a one time celebration at the end of December, especially when we remember the promise given to us on that day.

December 24: Christmas Eve

Candlelight Service starts at 5:00 pm

Every wonder of Christmas is great. Then, our next question is this. “So what?” What are all these wonders about? Find out your answer to that question at our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.

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